We’re Exterior Designers and that means we're working with you in your yard- not just on paper!

Maple Leaf Landscaping


We meet clients on site to discuss ideas, needs and concerns about their landscape project. Then we discuss creative possibilities and ideas for design solutions.


We convey our ideas for your design through use of digital images, sketches, and/or video. This meeting is where we discuss our visual design project ideas. A discussion of plant material and phase planning is part of what can be achieved.


We provide pricing projections with regard to your project. This could include a list of steps that a landscape installer will perform. We’ll refer you to qualified landscape companies. Helping you choose specific plant material to refine garden style is what makes the garden feel like it’s yours!  We can represent you once your project begins by overseeing the installation process.


We provide training to clients that want to learn more about their garden and landscape. This service is super-important when you have newly planted material.  Their are so many resources out there and it can be confusing. Learning hands-on from and expert gardener makes it so easy.  We can teach you about plant care, deep watering and pruning. You can do this gardening thing!

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For new business information please contact us at:
440-781-3646 or send an email to julialeafscape@gmail.com